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TVC & Promos Producer

Gary has spent 11 years as a TVC and Promos producer, for his company Afterglow Films.

Theatre Producer

2015 - 'Loving Kurt Vonnegut' by Gary Stalker - Basement Theatre, Auckland

'A well executed production driven by fabulous talent...excellent performances.' Theatre View


2005 - 'Freak Winds' by Marshall Napier - Herald Theatre, Auckland

'An impressive cast turn on some convincing horror.'  NZ Herald


1987 - 'A Mouthful of Birds' by Carol Churchill - Wharf Studio, Sydney

'tales of modern madness, woven together with snippets from Euripides The Bacchants' 

Feature Documentary Producer / Director

1997 - 'Scream Queen' 74 min - Glamour Tv Company 

‘a brilliant array of personalities…every crevice of this film contains rare footage and even rarer insight into the motivation of some notorious drag icons’ (Blue Magazine, Sydney).

Blue Magazine Review
Film Poster

Short Film Producer


Meniscus (2010, Dur 9 mins)

Directed by Maria-Elena Doyle.

Produced by Maria-Elena Doyle + Gary Stalker.

Production Manager / 1st Assistant Director Gary Stalker

Taking inspiration from Hone Tuwhare's 'No Ordinary Sun' the film draws from an enchanting pallet of dancers and New  Zealand's expansive coast to expose our connection to nature, the cycle of life and our struggle to exist in harmony with the earth. 

Winner  best short film at the Eco-film festival Mexico 2013,

Winner outstanding  technical contribution to a short film 2011, Aotearoa

Film and Television Awards.

Music Videos Producer / Creative
'Home' Stylus - Gold Award
Australian Effects & Animation Festival  2008

Dir Andy McGrath, VFX Gary Leano
Producer/Creative Gary Stalker
Production company  Afterglow
'Sign of the Times' Stylus
Dir Andy McGrath, VFX Gary Leano
Producer/Creative Gary Stalker. 
Production Company  Afterglow
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