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'Intensely lyrical images...exquisite tenderness...a powerful redemptive quality.

...delivers a compelling and urgent message.'

                                                                NZHerald - Paul Simei-Barton

'Spirited away to an ethereal place by Gary Stalker's mesmerising voice...'

'...speaks to the bewildering silence of humanity in response to species extinction exacerbated by climate change, and the augmented feeling of isolation that hounds us as our mentors fail to offer solutions.'

'Paul Gittins direction of the soulful delivery of Stalker's solo performance is powerfully executed.'

                                                             Theatre Scenes - Maulik Thakkar

"Absolutely beautiful writing!" - Gary Henderson (Playwright)


Directed by Paul Gittins l  Soundscape by Jude Robertson l

Thanks to Plumb Productions

9 - 14 September, 2019  l  7pm


The Lasting goodbye, a play about grief and finding solace.

A man's discovery that science confirms the existence of an intelligent network of communication between trees, opens his mind to the wonder and awe of life and to the connection of all living things.

Ghost Trees is a story that draws on science,imagination and the indefatigable love for things lost. It is one man's struggle to cope with the loss of his partner to cancer and a search for answers. He finds the devastating effects of kauri dieback on the trees surrounding his house symptomatic of a deeper malaise - climate change, species extinction, increasing isolation, and loss of identity.

Playwright Gary Stalker looks for meaning in these events and finds an extraordinary connectedness between all living entities. Delving into the world of phytophthora that is killing kauri, Gary takes you on a journey where the past, present and future merge together. Unable to move forward, he is caught at the intersection of multiple realities; a strangely poetic place of magical thinking - a place where matter meets spirit and conversations happen with the departed and the large kauri that surround his home.

An immersive experience that combines magical storytelling with a creative soundscape, the narrator takes you on his journey from the darkness of despair back into the light.

Directed by Paul Gittins and performed by Gary Stalker, with an evocative soundscape by Jude Robertson, Ghost Trees is an affirming and engaging experience that delivers one man's insights into life, death and the remarkable intelligence behind it all.

Ghost Trees Bats Fingers.jpg

Loving Kurt Vonnegut by Gary Stalker

‘A wonderful funny sparkly clever and moving play, with great performances.’ 

                                           Metro Magazine                                                                                 

'emotionally charged…dramatically compelling.’                                              New Zealand Herald 


'sophisticated, unashamedly literary writing that manages to be emotionally engaging and highly entertaining.'

                                           New Zealand Herald


'A well executed production driven by fabulous talent...excellent performances.'

                                            Theatre View


'One 'beautiful' drama.'     Theatre Scene                   

'a beautifully packaged tragi-thriller, compelling funny and charming, and an undeniable rhapsody and love letter to the greatest writers of the twentieth century.'

                                              Gather & Hunt


Famous writer Colin Freeman and his girlfriend Alice set out to write the last great novel. A simple premise; themselves as characters and an unwitting stranger enticed into their web to act as protagonist.

Enter Casey, a disillusioned young man, between relationships, looking for a way forward. But when these writers go off-script and their method-writing unravels, it becomes very unclear who is using whom, and where this ménage is headed.


A love story as strange as any other, in this sunset chapter where three  become two, on a collision course with destiny to the final full stop.

LKV Promo

LKV Promo

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Pink Sugar

The Art of Revenge
by Gary Stalker

"a well-written sharp and clever take on the art scene, with strong characters and a strong and effective dramatic shape"   Stuart Hoar - Script Advisor Playmarket

Anna comes out of a coma with no memory of who she is, or so we are told. Her husband, acclaimed painter James Ballast, engineers for his mistress to visit their home, to test the authenticity of her memory loss.

Art hangs in the balance.   

The Art of Revenge - a black comedy

'It is hard to make horror real and to recreate fear, but the uniformly impressive cast of Gary Stalker, Sophia Hawthorne and Michael Morris pull it off successfully'

                                 New Zealand Herald



'Stalker's Ernest attracts repulsion and pity in equal measure. His is a very creepy performance that is like some alien lifeform trying to impersonate humans but not quite getting it right'

                                 New Zealand Herald


'it’s very funny...kind of sinister and a bit disturbing too'

                                  Radio New Zealand

'It’s a good production and there are fine performances from all the actors and it’s a nice looking set'

                                  Radio New Zealand

Freak Winds by Marshal Napier

Produced by Gary Stalker

It begins like all good horror stories on a wild and stormy night.

Henry Crumb is a motor-mouthed insurance salesman seeking shelter and a quick sale in the house of Earnest and Myra.

Prone to mood swings and bouts of vomiting, Ernest is a man obviously unused to playing the convivial host.

Enter Myra - described by one of the reviewers as ‘a sticky layer of perverted sensuality’

That she is in a wheelchair doesn’t much hinder her seduction of Henry.

And while they’re getting cosy on the sofa, Ernest is in the kitchen sharpening his knives.

The trap is sprung.

And for the next 90 minutes poor Henry Crumb, finding himself completely out of his intellectual and moral depth, is at the mercy of Ernest and Myra’s ever changing mind games.

A Mouthful Of Birds by Caryl Churchill and David Lan     Produced by Gary Stalker


'tales of modern madness, woven together with snippets from Euripides The Bacchants' 

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