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And I add my own love to the universal consciousness- with my eyes and heart open.



Poems for Victoria. 



I've changed the way I peg the washing my love             

I know we would argue black and blue

how best the clothes would dry

but now, everything that reminds me of you

keeps you here with me             

so I’ve changed the way I peg the washing my love.



Sometimes when I am alone before the sea has woken

I whisper in my head, are you there my darling, are you there

and I see you in the periphery, just beyond my sight

in the radiant love of those mariner souls,   the resplendent sea and the beach


in entangled undulations of surface, seabed, swirling tide

and layers floating mists and spray,  like falls of fabric's soft suggesting form

and in thin cloud-sky splayed out like a fanning hand

I know that you're here my love,  I feel you in this land


Sometimes I think I glimpse you, with smile-eyes and summer-golden hair

but rampant time will not have you stay and you are gone before I'm there

as Plato's cave I build you, from reflections in the shards of a summers sway

and even seagull’s cries swear true upon the book of sun and sea and endless skies

for you my summer love,  for you my summer-sunshine love


divulge to me your secrets and I'll take flight and curve out over the bay

soaring high above the beyond and past the limiting neigh

a bursting colossus, Achilles too, but Icarus all too often

when I reminisce on you


when you see me you will know me and to your world I will follow

spread out like a wave at morning, to meet and caress the warm birth and dawn of you in your sacred new tomorrow

then roll back in dedication drift, with Orpheus flute and sing

I'll have you back you jealous gods   she's mine no underworld thing


then sink through surge to where the stillness lies below

and I am closer than I've ever been, to your beating heart

floating in a languid haze along pathways of pearly shells

down, down down to where the darkness looms, down to the toll of the bell


but when I'm low and almost out, you lift me up, your buoyant hand and guide me to the top

'breathe again my love, breathe' you say and we'll dance and just for fun we'll play

ha ha! and I have tricked you, you see, for I always knew you where here

in the gilded light of angel's shine where the sun bends beyond the sea


again and again as the waves I come again to worship at your shore

of cockle shells and gentle breeze and stirring sands and more

an orchestra of briny sounds and me triumphant with my song

the tide awash your golden loins it's here where I belong


bathe again I will not, but rather to my bones have you cling

until beautifully aged and weathered we, embracing in the sand

twinkle to the stars above, and down they gaze in wonderment at this translucent sight

of devotion upon a shining beach,  where lovers loss is love regained

when I go down to the sea and live and breathe and fly and sing in love again with thee.



wild daisies tied with simple string

I come to deaths house

to say a last goodbye

to see you one last time

there's an impression laid out in the corner

but you are not here

for wild you are no more

wild daisies tied with simple string

that nature should decay such a thing

The Washing by GS.
Wild Daisies by GS.
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