Gary Stalker is a playwright, actor and producer living in Auckland New Zealand.


His new play GHOST TREES will premier as part of the Going West Writer's Festival on 9 September 2019.

As an actor Gary has appeared in film, television and theatre, both here and in Australia. 


As a producer he has created numerous television ads and promos for his production company Afterglow Films.


But it is his enduring love for the arts that inspires him to create, encourages him to grow, drives him to challenge his perceptions, and ultimately sustains him.

                               'Shut your eyes and see' - James Joyce

Featured: Ghost Trees by Gary Stalker   2019
'Absolutely beautiful writing!'  Gary Henderson 

Radio New Zealand 'Ghost Trees' interview with Jesse Mulligan

29 August 2019

"Absolutely beautiful writing!" - Gary Henderson

"A truly amazing show. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was blown away by the amazing intertwining of the tragedy of tree loss in parallel to personal loss." - Dr Nari Williams (SCION)

"Stunning and inspiring..." - Dr Mels Barton (Kauri Rescue)

Directed by Paul Gittins l  Soundscape by Jude Robertson l

Thanks to Plumb Productions

9 - 14 September  l  7pm


The Lasting goodbye, a play about grief and finding solace.

A man's discovery that science confirms the existence of an intelligent network of communication between trees, opens his mind to the wonder and awe of life and to the connection of all living things.

Ghost Trees is a story that draws on science,imagination and the indefatigable love for things lost. It is one man's struggle to cope with the loss of his partner to cancer and a search for answers. He finds the devastating effects of kauri dieback on the trees surrounding his house symptomatic of a deeper malaise - climate change, species extinction, increasing isolation, and loss of identity.

Playwright Gary Stalker looks for meaning in these events and finds an extraordinary connectedness between all living entities. Delving into the world of phytophthora that is killing kauri, Gary takes you on a journey where the past, present and future merge together. Unable to move forward, he is caught at the intersection of multiple realities; a strangely poetic place of magical thinking - a place where matter meets spirit and conversations happen with the departed and the large kauri that surround his home.

An immersive experience that combines magical storytelling with a creative soundscape, the narrator takes you on his journey from the darkness of despair back into the light.

Directed by Paul Gittins and performed by Gary Stalker, with an evocative soundscape by Jude Robertson, Ghost Trees is an affirming and engaging experience that delivers one man's insights into life, death and the remarkable intelligence behind it all.

Loving Kurt Vonnegut by Gary Stalker
'a wonderful funny sparkly clever and moving play, with great performances.' Simon Wilson - Metro Magazine

'emotionally charged…dramatically compelling.’ New Zealand Herald 


The Art of Revenge by Gary Stalker

"a well-written sharp and clever take on the art scene, with strong characters and a strong and effective dramatic shape"   Stuart Hoar - Script Advisor Playmarket

Anna comes out of a coma with no memory of who she is, or so we are told. Her husband, acclaimed painter James Ballast, engineers for his mistress to visit their home, to test the authenticity of her memory loss.

Art hangs in the balance.   


The Art of Revenge - a black comedy