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Gary Stalker is a playwright, actor and producer living in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand.


His new play GHOST TREES premiered at the Going West Writer's Festival in September 2019, followed by a Northland tour,  Auckland Fringe Festival at Q Theatre and Tahi Festival in Wellington in 2020.

As an actor Gary has appeared in film, television and theatre, both here and in Australia. 


As a producer he has created numerous television ads and promos for his production company Afterglow Films.


But it is his enduring love for the arts that inspires him to create, encourages him to grow, drives him to challenge his perceptions, and ultimately sustains him.

                               'Shut your eyes and see' - James Joyce

Featured: Ghost Trees by Gary Stalker 
"Intensely lyrical images...exquisite  tenderness...a powerful redemptive quality" - NZ Herald.

"a masterful piece of storytelling...perfectly balanced ...extraordinary and gets into your soul" - Theatreview (Wellington)

"Spirited away to an ethereal place... mesmerising...soulful...powerfully  executed" - Theatre Scenes (Auckland)

"poetry in motion that allowed us to reflect, to consider perspective and to hope. A glorious way to spend an hour that ripples long after"- Sally Richards. Festival Director, TAHI New Zealand

Thanks Auckland! A full-house for the Auckland Climate Festival performance, Sept 2023, with all proceeds donated to Kauri Rescue to keep Kauri standing.

Tahi Festival 2020

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